Water Heater Services

We remove the old heater, replace all safety valves, and clean the area…

At Nelson’s plumbing we use top quality plumbing parts. We remove the old heater, replace all safety valves, and carefully clean the work area.


Nelson’s plumbing installs several types of water heaters. Bradford and White, American, AO smith, Rannai, Bosch, Rudd and GE. We also install owner supplied water heaters.




Your average household water heaters range from 30 gallon to 80 Gallon. Electric water heaters have a tendency to be larger to keep up to heating demands. The most common household gas heaters are 40 gallons. Household electric heaters are commonly 50 gallon. Commercial establishments with kitchens range from 80 gallons to 120 gallons commercial type heater. There could be multiple heaters or storage tanks depending on the demand. Commercial heaters have faster recovery than a residential type heater. Small retail stores may only have a 6 to 12 gallon electric for the bathroom sinks only.

All our work comes with our 1 year residential warranty and 6 month commercial. Most water heaters have either a factory warranties ranging from 5 years to 12 years. Factory warranties do not cover labor or other needed parts. Some factory warranties may be pro-rated.